Dance International – About Us

Dance International, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the instruction of dance and other art forms, movement and wellness. According to our bylaws, we “exist exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, to promote and support the instruction of dance, music, and art and to unite people of all ages and cultures through such activities.” We have been serving the Central Austin Community for more than 15 years.


Providing an opportunity for everyone to be an artist.


Dance International uses artistic expression to demonstrate the value of movement and community because we believe in celebrating wellness.



We are a studio that values every member: the student, the instructor, the volunteer, the donor, the participant. Members of all skill levels can learn in an environment where everyone is welcome to move and create art at their own pace and comfort level.


We are committed to creating a space where diversity of people, thought, and experience are not only welcome, but included in what makes Dance International move. From our programming to our people, we invite all to embrace the dynamic culture Dance International creates and maintains.


Our passion for the arts is complemented by our desire to provide high quality teaching, teaching development, and expression. We aren’t just another studio, we are a studio that prides itself in the excellence of our programming.


We are a transparent organization that holds itself to the highest level of respect and accountability to the diverse groups of individuals we serve and who serve us. Our talented Board of Directors is fully committed to ensuring that Dance International is an organization that its community can trust.


Provide instruction in arts and wellness, with a focus on dance and movement through group classes, private lessons, social dancing and studio rental.