Cha Cha Dance Lessons

Cha cha is a fun, flirty dance that grew out of the Cuban Mambo. When dancers demanded a slightly faster dance, the musicians incorporated the cha-cha-cha rhythm that is characteristic of this dance. It then became popular in the 1950’s, and nowadays you can hear it from contemporary artists like Santana, Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz and Maná.

Cha cha in Latin social dances


This dance is unique in which it consists of triple chasse steps (the cha-cha-cha’s) and rock steps. This creates a great contrast between slow, powerful strides and short energetic movement! Its rhythm has a lot of Latin flavor, and night clubs will play cha cha songs next to Salsa and Bachata. Usually many salseros and bachateros will want to dance cha-cha when a song comes up, but finding a partner that knows how to dance it can be challenging, because they are very much on demand!

If you want to be one of the dancers on the dance floor that everyone wants to be, or want to be with, when they play a cha cha, then come learn it with us!

Learn Social and Ballroom variations with us

We offer Cha cha lessons as part of our Latin dance program, focusing on the fun part of social dance, rather than technique. Social dancing is low-stress, full of patterns and fun to do at Latin clubs. Learning cha cha will prevent you from having to sit down during it!

If you want to challenge yourself, our Ballroom dance classes will not only focus on having fun with this dance, but also feeling awesome, having sharp and electrifying moves, and looking amazing while doing it! What you learn in ballroom spills over to improve all your dances, so be sure to check it out and our special class rates for taking multiple dance styles.


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