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Erik Roland

Erik Roland

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About Erik Roland

Erik, born in Norway, joined his first salsa class at 29 and placed 8th in the World Championship five years later. He was a economics professor who taught and did research for 10 years before he jumped off his academic career to pursue his passion. Besides teaching dance, he also has a great interest and background in fitness. He is a certified personal trainer, instructor of yoga, Pilates, kettle bells, Corebar, Zumba etc. Before moving to Austin he was teaching about 1200 fitness classes a year with clients such as Norways best MMA fighter and the national alpine ski team. He was also a trainer at the Norwegian Parliament.

Erik is known as an exceptional pedagogue and funny teacher.

Erik & Consuelo

Erik and Consuelo Roland, from Norway/Mexico, are award-winning professional dancers that regularly perform and teach throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. They perform such styles as Salsa, Latin Jazz, Argentine Tango, Flamenco/modern, Cabaret, Rumba and Cha cha. The couple is known for their elegance, unique connection and polished routines. The two met on the dance floor and have been married since 2003.

Erik and Consuelo have been teaching, performing and competing at many international dance events in places like Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, China, Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Chez Republic, Finland, Germany, Spain, Philadelphia USA and more. They have performed at several events in New York City, such as the famous Club Cache on Times Square.
The couple recently spent two years in China teaching for its biggest dance school, and performing for such clients as Sony Corporation, Mercedes Benz, Life Magazine and Creative Kingdom. The duo also worked as choreographers and dance teachers, and appeared in a music video for Motown legend and producer of the “Jackson 5,” Mr. Bobby Taylor. They both play Latin Percussion (drums) and are members of the salsa orchestra, Canelazo

Their dance training includes multiple disciplines including Salsa/Mambo, Argentine Tango, standard and latin ballroom dances, Swing, African dance, Dunham Technique, Flamenco, jazz ballet and Street Jazz, hip hop, etc.

Erik and Consuelo have received valuable training from some the best instructors in the world including Mambo US champion, Edgar Osorio, Eddie Torres ‘the mambo king’, Frankie Martinez (New York), Pasi and Maria (Finland), Ambrosia (Russia) and the Beijing Dance Academy. They are certified instructors of standard and latin dances, and are listed as instructors on Besides regular dance classes Erik and Consuelo are also known for their “Dance Core Technique”- classes that include pilates, yoga, ballet and African dance.


Erik and Consuelo have qualified three times for the World Salsa Championship. They placed among the top ten couples at the World Open Salsa Championship in Puerto Rico. In 2006 they won the Gemini US open Salsa competition. They are the teachers that educate and certify salsa instructors in the Norwegian Dance Federation. Their dance team, Salsa Frio, consisting of their own students from Tromsø, have performed at international congresses.