Lisa DeLand

Lisa DeLand

Lisa Deland

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reset (v) to restore; refresh
a 5Rhythms© offering

reset is a time and place to take a break, turn off the task master, suspend the lists, and get out of the habitual traps and patterns we set for ourselves. For an hour and a half a week, through a combination of guided 5Rhythms© movement facilitation and individual integration time, we’ll explore what it means to reset, restore and refresh. This class is designed for people who want to increase a sense of balance in their lives, do away with patterns that no longer serve, and expand their inner landscape of belonging.

Long before Lisa grew up and set out to discover her place in the world, she danced. On Christmas Day of 1994, Lisa set foot on her first 5Rhythms floor and found a movement language that nourished her body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Certified by Gabrielle Roth to teach the 5Rhythms movement practice in 2008, she offers classes in Austin and Houston, as well as workshops, special events, and private sessions. Lisa shares her love of the practice with clarity, wit, and humor.

Lisa brings the healing power of 5Rhythms to Dance International for you to experience this life-changing way to become more in tune with yourself. Whether you’re an athlete wanting more balance and fluidity in your chosen sport or movement practice or a “regular” person seeking health and body awareness, this practice will meet you where you are and help you be more of who you’re born to be.

“The gentlest urban warrior I have ever met.” Z.W.

“Lisa is a gifted leader and creates an open, loving and vibrant space to move. I feel cleaned out and filled up with joy!” — Nelda