Salsa Rueda and Casino Dancing Austin

Salsa Rueda is a variation of our salsa class, where you dance as a cohesive group with synchronized moves. A designated caller will call-out what moves will happen next and everyone follows accordingly. It becomes a really fun way to change partners within a same song, and you get to interact with a whole bunch of dancers at the same time.


Fun & Challenging Group Salsa Rueda

Below is an all-around perspective video of a salsa rueda class. Multiple partner changes makes this dance style very interesting and peculiar!


Can you dance it?

YES! You don’t need to have a partner, shoes or experience, just come on in and we’ll get you moving. Our teachers can handle complete beginners to advanced students in our group classes. If you’re looking to accelerate your learning make sure to check our private lessons. And, if you’re new to Dance International, definitely check our New Student Special, it’s by far the best value in town.

When can I join?

For starters, make sure to check our Schedule. You can register for class online, join our Meetup group, or just show up at the door and our staff and volunteers will take care of you.