Eliza moved to Austin in 2008 to get her BS in Mathematics at the Univeristy of Texas, and she now works as a software engineer. She also has a background in personal training and boxing. Eventually, Eliza realized she needed to do something to learn how to relax her muscles and improve her posture to help with chronic migraines. She discovered bellydance! Since 2015, Eliza has been intensely studying Arabic bellydance under Zein Al-Jundi. You can see her bellydancing around town at local restaurants or parties.

Eliza’s background in teaching ranges from boxing classes to math tutoring, and now Arabic bellydance! Eliza’s teaching approach is fun and relaxed. She helps her students learn new movements patiently and safely. Eliza believes that bellydance is one of the greatest exercises for improved posture, muscle relaxation, and bringing joy!


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