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Jessica Chaney

Jessica Chaney

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Jessica Chaney began ballet at 7 yrs old, dropped out of ballet and fell in love with Jazz dancing and choreography. Every evening, she practiced dancing and performed in any and every talent show or recital she could. She has been a dance instructor since the age of 19.

Her training began in a small studio in Tulsa, OK She worked and trained there for two years before moving to a larger studio in the same city. It just so happened that her employer knew the owner of the Arthur Murray franchise in Southern California. So, two years later she relocated to Long Beach in search of Higher Dance Education, Sun and Sand. All three years of her employment there were very successful. She received training from well-known dancers, taught full-time, competed with students and won numerous awards. She was the ‘top female teacher’ each year.

She moved back to Austin to be closer to her mother and father, and has instructed here for six years now. Jessica’s dance knowledge covers a wide range of dances with a focus on having fun in a social setting. Her top 3 favorite dance styles are Country, Swing, and Latin.

Jessica says: “I certainly don’t mind working with advanced dancers or practicing with competitive students, but my real passion is helping the ‘newbies’. From couples who want to learn to dance for their wedding to the gentleman who feels like he has two left feet and is ready to get out and get moving.”

She is happy to be working with Dance international as they are open-minded about teaching any and every dance style. The staff is courteous and warm and it feels good to be involved with such a passionate organization.