Jorge Ortiz

Jorge Ortiz

Jorge Ortiz

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Jorge took his first dance step when he joined the Ballroom Dance Club at The University of Kansas. He was hesitant at first and almost didn’t come back to class because he felt he didn’t have an innate ability to dance. He was right. Luckily he also found out that dancing is a skill, and one that can be learned. He used that knowledge to motivate him to study ballroom partner dancing and enter collegiate DanceSport competitions across the country.

Later he became the president of the Ballroom Dance Club and expanded the program to help others like him to experience and learn dancing. He introduced salsa classes into their curriculum with huge success and spent the next several years teaching ballroom and salsa.

He moved to Austin, TX on 2015 and has been party of Dance International since.

Professional Skills

Jorge is an entrepreneur and CEO of Dance-Virtual, a Virtual-Reality enhanced dance class experience for line and wedding dances, and partner dances like Latin dance lessons and ballroom classes.