Dance International hosts many events every year with the help of its sponsors. The Annual Austin Ballroom Festival, Feed the Spirit Fundraiser, summer youth dance camps called ‘Beautiful Summer’ and much more. Your support is important to us in providing quality festivals. Please contact us at info@dancein.org if you are interested in sponsoring us in any way. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Dance International’s youth programs are continually growing in popularity. We are committed to providing excellent instruction, at affordable rates, in a safe and healthy atmosphere. In order to make these programs equally available for all teens, we award need-based scholarships. If you are interested in sponsoring a teen or an event, please contact Dance International at info@dancein.org.



Free Day of Dance
Free Day of Dance on 2018-01-27


Sponsors - City of Austin Cultural Arts Division

City of Austin Cultural Arts Division

Sponsors - Austin Creative Alliance
Austin Creative Alliance



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