Beginner Belly Dance

In this beginner’s Arabic bellydance class, you will learn the basics of Arabic-style bellydance in a safe and fun environment. You will learn and master the 6 basic hip movements of bellydance, as well as arm movements, upper body movements, hand movements, foot placement, traveling across the dance floor, layering movements, and props. Additionally, you will learn about Arabic music and the different styles of dance associated to different regions in the Arab world.

Bellydance has been celebrated in the Middle East for centuries. It is a dance meant to spread joy. Not only is it fun and joyful, but it reaps many benefits like increasing flexibility, correcting posture, improving muscle relaxation, developing core strength, and exercising the whole body. It’s like a workout, a massage, and a yoga session in one, all while you’re learning a beautiful art form!

Wear what makes you comfortable to class. Gym clothes and bare feet are acceptable. You can wear leather bottomed dance shoes for more comfort while dancing. Hipscarves are encouraged to feel movements better, but are not required. Feel free to wear other bellydance attire.