Hip Hop Dance Lessons for Adults in Austin

Hip Hop adult dance lessons at Dance International

Hip hop is a street dance usually performed to hip-hop music but we’ll also dance to pop, electro, and alternative music. Our classes will primarily focus on musicality which is the matching of movement to the rhythm, melody, lyrics, and mood of the music. It’s an essential part of any dance and is what makes a hip-hop dancer truly great.

I was invited to Dance International by a friend and never looked back. I started out trying basically all the classes and settled into a few of my top favorites. Its a great studio with teachers that you can really get to know and fun classes for both beginners and intermediate students alike. If you get a chance, take the Hip Hop class. I never saw myself as someone who would get into Hip Hop but I absolutely fell in love with the class and looked forward to it every week. The teacher, Jared, is the most excited for his job of any person I have ever seen. When we all hit a certain bit of choreography he literally dances with excitement and dives into the next section. He drives the class with his energy and excitement. I was only in town for one summer but I wish I could take this studio back with me.
If you get a chance, try it out, especially the Hip Hop class.
David Tines


With our emphasis on teaching you to dance with musicality in mind, you’ll be able to freestyle easier and the choreography you’ll learn will be more diverse and fun.

There’s many different styles of hip-hop and they each allow you to manipulate the music in different ways. Some of these different styles we’ll utilize are:

  • Popping
  • Locking
  • Waving
  • Tutting
  • Isolations
  • Gliding
  • House dance

How does it look like?

There’s a lot of jumping, right? Can I keep up?

YES! Hip hop has plenty of energetic moves, but a large part of it is timing and smoothing out transitions between poses (think body wave). You will get a workout from our lessons, but that’s a good thing because it’s so much fun. Our teachers can handle complete beginners to advanced students in our group classes. Just bring a positive attitude and you’ll be ready!

What should I wear?

Use clothing you’re comfortable in. Sweatpants or other loose-fitting athletic pants and a tank top or t-shirt are recommended.

Instead of your typical dance shoes, regular athletic sneakers are good for hip hop class. Please avoid sneakers with black soles because they can leave marks on the floor.

How can I join?

For starters, make sure to check our Schedule for dates and times. You can register for class online, or just show up at the door and our staff and volunteers will take care of you. And, if you’re new to Dance International, definitely check our New Student Special, it’s by far the best value in town and you can try out every class we offer.

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