5Rhythms Fitness



reset (v) to restore; refresh



5Rhythms reset is a time and place to take a break, turn off the task master, suspend the lists, and get out of the habitual traps and patterns we set for ourselves. For an hour and a half a week, through a combination of guided 5Rhythms© movement facilitation and individual integration time, we’ll explore what it means to reset, restore and refresh. This class is designed for people who want to increase a sense of balance in their lives, do away with patterns that no longer serve, and expand their inner landscape of belonging.


Brandy Hamblet
I love going to Lisa DeLand’s Reset class on Monday nights. It’s just the thing I need for my mental well being – and great cardio too! She teaches 5Rhythms, which is as much a spiritual practice as it is a physical one. The space itself is great, with options to have all the lights on for a more energetic class or dim them for a class like Lisa’s. There’s plenty of space and a large mirror along the entire length of one wall for classes that need it.
Brandy Hamblet