5Rhythms Fitness



reset (v) to restore; refresh



5Rhythms reset is a time and place to take a break, turn off the task master, suspend the lists, and get out of the habitual traps and patterns we set for ourselves. For an hour and a half a week, through a combination of guided 5Rhythms© movement facilitation and individual integration time, we’ll explore what it means to reset, restore and refresh. This class is designed for people who want to increase a sense of balance in their lives, do away with patterns that no longer serve, and expand their inner landscape of belonging.


Rose Blanchard
I step into Lisa DeLand’s 5Rhythms “Reset” class on Monday evenings and am immersed back into myself- through her dance experience! Her luscious world music. Her rich voice. Her wise words. Her patience. Her respect for the body’s wisdom. Her pure fun! The room is spacious and very quiet. The floor is fabulous. The sound system Lisa provides is stellar. Parking is so easy. Even the lighting is ideal… Each class is delicious! I love Lisa- and I value her dance guidance and support!
Rose Blanchard