Latin Dance Lessons

Dance International studio offers Latin dance lessons near you with classes in multiple styles. Latin dance can refer to both Latin American influenced ballroom dancing (International Latin), or Social Latin dances (Street Latin)

Social Latin Dance

Heavily influenced by Latin American music, history, and rhythms, these street dances are very social in nature, and can be danced in a variety of Latin clubs and social events in Austin and every other city worldwide. Typically more emphasis is put on intricate patterns and fun moves and turns than in the actual execution and styling. Our teachers are fully aware of student preferences, and offer a great social environment to learn social moves and patterns in the short term, without sacrificing any of the technique that will help you become an amazing dancer long term.

The social Latin dances include:

Come to any of our Latin dance classes. Our schedule shows the different social Latin lessons we offer.

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Awesome teachers, great crowd, nice dance floor. Currently taking their Latin dance classes, and enjoying it a lot.
– Yevhen “Eugene” Chepurnyy

Female Dancer

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Great floor, intimate setting with lots of one-on-one instruction. Fun and friendly socials and great classes with an emphasis on footwork and musicality. (I’ve mostly done Latin dance here.)
– Melissa Kreutner

Ballroom Latin Dance

If you’re looking for a more performance or competitive style to latin dances, be sure to check out our Ballroom Dance classes. A variation of these core five ballroom Latin dances is American Rhythm, which includes Swing Dancing like East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing, and also Bolero and Mambo.


This seems difficult, I don’t think I can do it…

All of our Latin dance teachers are professionals who at some point had never danced either! They know what it takes to make students take that first dance step. Our New Student Special is by far the best value in town, combing the social warmth of group lessons with intense learning from private lessons to get you dancing like a champ in no time.


Latin dance sounds like fun! How do I join?

Just come on in to Dance International and we’ll get you moving. You can also see our dance lesson packages and discounts in our online store ahead of time.

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