Kizomba Dance Lessons with KizUwa North Austin

Kizomba is an African social dance that began in Angola, Africa and has now grown into a craze around the globe. Kizomba means “party” in Kimbundu, an Angolan language, and the dance is best characterized by smooth and grounded movements with a close partner connection. The beauty in Kizomba lies in the reality that there is technically no “basic step”, but instead danced with music as your guide. It is truly a dance of feeling and following the music is of the utmost importance, which gives the lead and follow the ability to showcase their musicality. The words that come to mind regarding Kizomba: Ease and Connection. Only one way to find out if you will love this dance like so many others – so come and try it out!


KizUwa North is part Kizomba Uwa, with events all over Austin!