Bachata Dance Lessons

Bachata is a vibrant dance and one of our most popular classes. It has become extremely popular in the last few years. It is taught alongside Salsa dancing, since their music is intertwined for Latin social parties. It’s danced at night clubs all around Austin, Texas, the United States and the rest of the world.

Bachata Performance - Jorge, Patty & Rebekah - Te Perdiste Mi Amor
What a fabulous resource. The staff is so committed and helpful. I have taken individual bachata lessons with Jorge. I’ve learned a lot and I always have fun. I also go regularly to the Saturday evening bachata group class and the social. Class is great and there are always lots of good dancers to practice with.
Patty Olwell

What Levels do you have?

We teach bachata at two different levels:

  • Beginner / Improver
  • Intermediate / Advanced

If you are not comfortable stepping into a social dance floor, beginner lessons will teach you the core concepts of stepping, timing and turning. For those who want a challenge, advanced lessons will work on more complex patterns, connection and flow. You can watch the videos below to give you an idea of what each one encompasses.

Bachata at Dance International

We offer the best bachata lessons from top instructors, and the best bachata dance in Austin. Many people get intimidated by the closeness of bachata dancing and its limited personal space. Our instructors, staff and students are all incredibly friendly and fun and will ease you into this sexy dance.


If you’re looking for bachata lessons for beginners, look no further. We strive to provide the best dance education instead of just running a business (did we mention we’re a non-profit organization?). We’re committed to teaching you all the intricacies of dance that will help you avoid bad habits and give you a terrific foundation to build on. Oh, and there’ll be plenty of fun patterns to show your friends 🙂

Below is a list of what we offer in our dance instruction:

  • Beginners & Advanced sections
  • Partner work
  • Technique
  • Patterns
  • Shines
  • Styling
  • Fundamentals
  • Visual, physical and musical connection
  • Spotting
  • Double & Triple Turns
  • Spot & Progressive Moves
  • Lady’s styling

Sneak Preview!

Below is a video of a class warm-ups with our teachers. After warm-up we separate into different levels to match everyone’s ability!


Can you dance it?

YES! You don’t need to have a partner, shoes or experience, buy our dance lessons online or just come on in and we’ll get you moving. Our teachers can handle complete beginners to advanced students in our group classes. If you’re looking to accelerate your learning make sure to check our private lessons. And, if you’re new to Dance International, definitely check our New Student Special, it’s by far the best value in town.

When can I join?

For starters, make sure to check our Schedule, in specific our Latin classes. We offer Bachata at least once a week. You can register for class online, join our Meetup group, or just show up at the door and our staff and volunteers will take care of you.

Start Bachata Dancing