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“Swing Dance” is a group of related danced which have origins during the swing era of the 1920-1940’s. Over time they have evolved and the most well-know styles are Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. We offer swing dance lessons in Austin for these dance styles.


Can you even do swing dance nowadays?

You bet! While swing dancing originated in the 1920’s and reached its highest popularity in the 30s and 40s,  it still continues to be popular today. Both the music and dance moves have evolved, and the modern versions include both relaxed social feeling with added energy for dips and even aerials.

Don’t believe it? Watch the performance from our students!

Swing dancing clubs and even competitions are still held around Austin and the world. Our students tend to get together for Swing events, both at Dance International and around town.

What our students say…

Five starsFive starsFive starsFive starsFive stars
The West Coast Swing class is probably the greatest class in the history of learning. Been going to the class for a year.
– Dylan Fox

Swing Dance Lessons

Check the swing schedule for classes, and when you’re ready get your swing lessons online, or just show up to class and say hi!

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